Posted time February 9, 2022

We are seeking candidates for multiple positions as Full Stack Java Developer having proven ability to design, build, test and maintain scalable and stable custom-built applications. 



  • Bachelors/ Masters in Computer Science from an accredited institute. 
  • 4+ years of experience developing Java/J2ee web applications. 
  • Spring Framework or equivalent. 
  • Familiar with commonly used Design Patterns.
  • Java and Groovy. Candidates must be highly experienced in Lambdas, Generics and commonly used data structures such as Map, List, Set etc. 
  • Strong data structures and algorithms knowledge. 
  • Concurrent programming knowledge, e.g. Actor Model, Java Completable Future, and different types of thread pool Executors.
  • Hibernate or equivalent JPA frameworks.
  • Restful Web Services.
  • MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or MS SQL.
  • Optional but highly desired: Reacts, Javascript.
  • Good Communication is a MUST.
  • Collaborate and support team members in delivering high-quality software solutions in an agile environment. 

Other Skills to Note: Hikari (DB connection pool) Hibernate (DB ORM) Jetty and Tomcat (embedded web containers) Bouncy Castle (cryptography) SLF4J (logging fascade) Akka (Java messaging) Byte Buddy (runtime Java bytecode generation) Jackson (JSON interface) Quartz (time scheduling) Reactive Streams (asynchronous stream processing) 



  • Competitive Salary
  • Provident Fund and Medical Allowances
  • Professional Training
  • Quarterly/Annual Performance Bonus and Awards
  • Company Sports, Game Nights, Dinners and Trips
  • Fun and Dynamic Working Environment


About Cinnova:

Cinnova is an innovation-focused software development company helping startups and established firms with their MVPs, product design, and ongoing software development needs. 

With a proven track record of contributing to continuous growth, Cinnova has been part of rapid expansions and some great exits for our clients. 

From Blockchain technology to IoT development, AI, Machine Learning, and beyond, we have always been at the forefront of the technology landscape by bringing innovation to both startups and growth companies.